High Protein, Healthy Chocolate Hazelnut Granola

Even though it’s 8:30pm, I just woke up.  I don’t know what happened, but after laying in my bed for a little bit, I just completely passed out.

Problem is now I have a lot of energy, so even though I would normally be going to sleep now, I’m not all that tired anymore.

Figures right?

My fix? Baking and blogging.

Due to the fact that my granola has been dangerously low the past few days (down to the really unappealing crumbs), I decided it was time to make a fresh batch.

Of course being who I am, there was just no way I was going to remake the same batch, no matter how good it was.

A few days ago, I found this at the grocery store


I do have plans to use it in a different recipe I want to test, but I figured why not use it in this one as well

and pair it with chocolate to mimmic the all-famous flavor combination of chocolate and hazelnut (nutella ring a bell for anyone? 🙂 )

Of course this is much healthier

You are going to need

1. 2 cups of oats

2. 1 tsp melted coconut oil

3. 1 to 2 tsp hazelnut extract (depending on taste)

4. 1 tbsp pure maple syrup

5. chocolate protein powder (between 1/2 to one scoop)

6. 1 tbsp cacao powder

7. a pinch of salt

8. 3 tbsp water

You can also add in 1 tbsp of brown sugar if you would like.  It all depends on whether or not you want a sweeter granola.

I used this cacao from Navita’s Naturals.


If you want to see where you can get it, check out my favorites page on the top menu bar.

Oh and by the way… it is a superfood 🙂

Combine all the ingredients except for the oats in a bowl

start with only a half a scoop of your protein powder.  Keep adding it until the consistency is quite thick.

Mix in with your oats.


I recommend getting your baking sheet ready before you do all this due to the fact you may end up with this:


Monster-Granola hands!

seriously, this happens every time.

Bake at 350F for 20 minutes, flipping once halfway through.

Allow to cool and enjoy!


Seriously… it’s just like nutella


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