Daily Blog- Day 32: Letters and Cookie Dough

Today has been extremely uneventful… yet extremely eventful… if that makes any sense.

Okay let me know if anyone else is like this.  I feel like I have my work day, and then my actual day.  When I work all day, my actual days feel quite boring… yet the actual day was really busy.

Make sense?

Maybe not haha.  Regardless, that was my situation today.

One thing I do want to talk about is the fact that I cannot believe at all that it is June!  It’s halfway through 2013!!! Plus, my old high school’s prom is today, and the fact that it’s already been a year since mine is mind blowing to me.  It really makes me wonder where I’m going to be in life a year from now.

Also, I received the first letter from my sister today!  Or kind of at least.  It wasn’t like a full length letter… it was more of her saying she loves us.  It was about one sentence total.  I don’t think they give them much time to write those.  I also got to see some pictures of her in bootcamp.  The place she is takes pictures of them and posts them online so we get to see what they’re doing.  It’s so weird seeing in uniform and all serious.  It’s pretty cool though 🙂

Lastly, since it’s extremely hot out, I couldn’t think of a better way to cool off than having this:


Cookie dough and whipped cream 🙂

It would have been better if it was panda paws or moose tracks… I think those are pretty much the same, but they’re my favorites.  Unfortunately, both my brother and sister are allergic to peanuts, so it’s rare I ever get to have either.


2 thoughts on “Daily Blog- Day 32: Letters and Cookie Dough

  1. Tomorrow is my high school’s graduation – beyond bizarre to me that it’s been two years since I had that day!

    I’m glad you got to hear from your sister, and that ice cream looks so tasty! (I love ice cream when it starts getting a little melty!!)

    • It really is amazing how time flies!

      That’s the only way I like ice cream 🙂 When it’s too hard i eat it way too fast haha.

      I love your blog by the way 🙂

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