Daily Blog- Day 33: 7 Cardinal Rules in Life

I am so tired… like seriously.  So tired.

The second I got home from work, I went straight for my bed, and I am still laying here haha.

Hey, we all need to rest at some point right?

Before I get into this post, I just wanted to mention that I have updated my favorites page :).  Let me know in the comments which category you would like to see more of my favorites from.  Or better yet, are there any categories of favorites you think I should include.

Okay, so there is one thing I want to talk about that I think might inspire a few people.

Last night, I was just scrolling through pinterest, and I came across this


I’m not going to go in depth into each rule since I feel like each person is going to interpret them differently according to their lives.

I will say though, 1, 3, and 6 have the most meaning in my life right now.  I have had a lot happen in my past… especially this past year.  So much so that I am not the same person I was.  I can’t keep looking back to my decisions I made or how I acted in situations then because it’s completely different from the way I would now.  It’s just not realistic to dwell in past mistakes or to think of what could have happened since the reality is almost nothing’s the same.

A lot of this past has also brought a lot of pain.  It still affects me to this day, and I do have to remind myself that time will heal it.  It’s just a matter of finding patience… which I have/ always have lacked.

Lastly, I do over think everything… I really do. I over-stress myself because of this, which is not healthy for me.  I have definitely been working on trying not to worry so much about things and to accept that I can’t control everything… actually let me rephrase that… I shouldn’t control everything.

I would love to know your interpretations of these rules and whether or not this spoke to anyone as it did to me.

Back to resting 🙂


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