Daily Blog- Day 36: Green Superfood Review

Today was a pretty chill day.  Even though I worked all day, I didn’t get stressed at all or overwork myself, which I normally do pretty much daily.  It’s something I’m really trying to work on.  I feel like stress impacts me both emotionally and physically way more than it should.  It’s not good for me, especially because the things I stress about are things I shouldn’t in the first place.

We all have our things.

Okay so a few days ago I received this, which I recently ordered off amazon.


So far, I have mixed it into smoothies and yogurt.

My opinion?  It is good, but I would definitely recommend sticking with the chocolate flavored one.  Even with the cocoa mixed in, it still tastes earthy.  I don’t think I would like the original without any of the chocolate flavor.

It also doesn’t look very pretty when it’s mixed into things.  It’s not like a rich chocolate color… more of a soil-green mix.  If that makes sense haha.

I would recommend this though.  If you are interested in seeing where you can get it, check out my favorites page.

I’m off to have dinner with my family and then get ready for tomorrow.

You guys have a good night 🙂


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