Daily Blog- Day 37: What’s coming soon :)

Today is such a gloomy day.


Surprisingly, bad weather brings a busy day at work.

So much so that throughout my six hour shift, I took over 8,500 steps.  Crazy right?  For those of you who have active jobs, you could probably relate to this.  My coworkers and I all agreed that it definitely doesn’t feel like this much.  Especially when you get so wrapped up in what needs to be done.

Along with working, I also tested out a few recipes for you guys.

Two of them being apple protein pancakes and healthy caramel sauce

The result?


Besides the fact my pan was WAYY too hot, absolutely amazing.

These recipes will DEFINITELY be posted soon, they’re too good not to :).

Look out for those, probably within the next few days I’ll be able to.. who knows maybe even today!  Follow to know for sure when.

I am pretty much just going to rest now.  This weather definitely doesn’t equate to being productive :).


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