Healthy, High Protein Apple Pancakes

I have been making a lot of pancakes lately.

Generally, when I make them, I just use my 2 ingredient pancake recipe.

Unfortunately, we are all out of bananas.

What we do have is a lot of apples.

Immediately, I thought of the apple pancakes at pancake house.

Who else has had those before?

After some experimentation and a lot blending, out came absolutely AMAZING pancakes that I just had to share with you 🙂

You are going to need

1. 1 apple (cored and cut into slices)

2. 1/2 tsp vanilla extract

3. cinnamon

4. nutmeg

5. 3 egg whites

6. 1/4 cup protein powder (find my favorites on my favorites page under the protein tab)

start out by taking your eggs and apple


Throw them in the blender, and let blend until smooth

Add in your other ingredients, and blend a little longer.

Heat a pan and spray with cooking spray.

Cook as you would cook pancakes.



Note to self: turn down pan 🙂

These definitely taste wayyyy better than they look haha trust me on this one.

If you really want to treat yourself, top with my healthy caramel sauce.



2 thoughts on “Healthy, High Protein Apple Pancakes

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