Daily Blog- Day 40: Junior Mint Ice Cream

Today started out super early for me.

I woke up around 4, got ready for work, and went to work until 3.

Due to the fact it is super super nice outside, it was pretty dead.

I mean come on look at it


This is what I would consider perfect weather.

After work, my parents and I went for a walk together so I could drop off a book at the library.

My dad is now making his famous homemade hamburgers on the grill.

It is arguable there is nothing better than a nice family dinner.

Especially when ice cream sundaes featuring this happen after


Seriously.  This is amazing.  Amazing.

We’re going to watch House of Cards as well.  It’s a new netflix series my parents and I have been watching every single night . It’s definitely an extremely intense show about politics.  I absolutely love it, which is not normal for me since I normally know nothing in regards to political issues.


2 thoughts on “Daily Blog- Day 40: Junior Mint Ice Cream

  1. LOVE junior mints!! Never tried them in ice cream, but that sounds delicious! Ice cream sundaes are a must for the summer 🙂

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