Daily Blog- Day 41: Dysfunctional Cat, New Recipe, and Favorite Songs

I woke up today to literally almost crush my dysfunctional cat


I have absolutely no idea why she decided to do this.

She later joined me for breakfast and reading by the fire place



I’m in need for either a new magazine or cookbook to read.  I had to return my favorite of the moment, momofuku milk bar (which you can find on my favorites page).


I plan on making a trip to the library tomorrow if anyone has any suggestions.

After breakfast, I lounged around a little bit and then worked out for an hour.

I took the past two days off, so today I felt extremely energized and was able to really push myself.  It was amazing.

This was my first time taking more than one day off this year.  I could feel my body really needed it though.

For those of you who work out, I strongly recommend taking rest days.  I know that when you get into a schedule it just becomes part of your day.  Taking rest days though really helps to let your muscles rebuild and your body to breathe for a bit.

Once I was done, I took a quick shower, and got ready for the day.

After making some phone calls and getting some things together, I went to go run some errands.

Even though it was sprinkling outside, I decided to walk to where I needed to go.

There’s just something about walking and listening to music that is so relaxing to me.

Speaking of music I am SOOOOO addicted to the song Over You by Chris Daughtry.  It speaks so much to me and I literally cannot get it out of my head.  It’s a little known fact about me that when I become addicted to a song, I become addicted.  I have played one song over 200 times on one day before no lie.  Granted it was on repeat, but you get the gist :).

Once I got home, I proceed to make lunch for myself.

I made cinnamon sweet potato fries for a side, which were absolutely amazing.


If you want the recipe click here 🙂

I’m going to be taking it easy for the rest of the day.

Oh and I might make chocolate covered frozen bananas if you’d like to know the recipe to making those perfectly


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