Daily Blog- Day 44: Caffeine Void and Outback

This morning, the ultimate disaster happened at my house.

We ran out of coffee grounds.

All we had were those coffee packets that act just like tea.

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been sticking to just my one morning cup of coffee a day.

Normally I can get this to hold me over by making it extremely caffeinated.

That’s pretty hard to do when I have no control over how many grounds go in.

The result?  Very very weak coffee.

So weak that not even a quarter of the way through I decided to add a tea packet in just to get some flavor.


I love this tea, so I enjoyed it.

Unfortunately, I was not able to have my normal amount of caffeine.

Bring on the caffeine headache.

For those of you who have ever had a similar experience, you know how annoying it is.

Luckily, I was able to ignore it pretty much the whole day.

This dilemma aside, today was a good day.  I worked a full shift and then went to Outback Steakhouse with my family.  The last time I went there, they way overcooked my steak, so I decided to try the mahi they were featuring.  It was good, but I definitely bet I could find an entree I like better from there.  I guess that gives me an excuse to go again :).

I’m off to finish up a few more posts on here.  I have a chocolate popcorn recipe if you guys would like me to post that tonight.

I also plan on watching more House of Cards with my parents.

I’d also like to sleep haha.  Hopefully soon 🙂


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