Daily Blog- Day 47: Happy Father’s Day!

Today I actually had the day off.  Even though I didn’t feel like I really needed a day off, it definitely occurred on a good day.

Father’s Day that is 🙂

Unfortunately, last night I did not sleep well at all.  I kept waking up through the night and just decided to stay up once it was 4am.

On the bright side I had this face to keep me company


I managed to get a whole sequence of her in action




Result of lack of sleep and boredom haha.

Once my day got going I decided to make a smoothie.


Yesterday, my dad bought strawberries, and they are literally the best strawberries I have ever ever ever had before.

This is how many were left when I woke up


As I said… we bought them yesterday.

Don’t worry… they’re gone now haha.

Before I get into the purpose of this post I just want to ask you guys something.

Is there anyone else that can’t stand finding these stupid seeds in oranges?


I seriously think it’s one of the worst experiences to bite into a slice of an orange and have there be a seed.

anyone else?

So anyways, Father’s Day.


I cannot express how grateful I am for having my dad.

He has supported me through many difficult decisions I’ve made throughout my life… especially this past year.  He has allowed me to make mistakes and never ever fails to remind me what my ultimate goals are and where my focus needs to be.  It’s amazing how a simple visit to Panera with him completely turns my day around.

I love him so much, and if he’s reading this, I have a little message for him: No more downhills, only up :).  I mean that, and I love you ❤

We celebrated today by treating my dad to one of his favorite restaurants, Zebb’s.  It’s one of those places we used to go to all the time when we were younger, so it definitely is nostalgic to us.

Make sure to spend time or at least call the father figure for you in your life.  Sometimes we all need to be reminded of how grateful we are of one another.


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