Daily Blog- Day 48: Priceless

Today was definitely a productive day.  I woke up early and worked an 8 hour shift.  I didn’t feel tired at all while working, but literally the second I got home, a wave of exhaustion just hit me.

Since I’m trying to stick to only one cup of coffee a day, I’m trying to just take it easy for a bit before an appointment I have tonight.

Even though I felt really tired when I got home, it wasn’t enough for me not to get excited when I saw a letter from my sister in the mail

Addressed to me!!!

I can not express how much I needed to read exactly what she wrote me.  Sometimes even a single paged letter can speak 1,000 words.


Probably the best part :).  My sister and I have had quite the relationship, and to see the words “I love you” from her literally means everything to me.

For those of you who have had someone go away for a long time, you know exactly how powerful this can be.  Even if it’s through something as common as a phone call or a letter.

It kind of makes me think of those mastercard commercials

That letter is definitely priceless

and that elephant is adorable ❤ 🙂

I am now off to enjoy this beautiful weather before dinner.


Oh oh and by the way, I’m thinking of starting an instagram for the blog.  I absolutely love taking pictures, but so many never get posted.

If you think I should start one, then either go to this post to vote


or comment on here or my facebook page (click here).

I’d love to hear your feedback 🙂


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