Daily Blog- Day 52: Pie!!

I am someone who avidly preaches natural beauty is the ultimate form of beauty.

I think this picture is the perfect example.


It’s breathtaking isn’t it?  I love even more that I took this pretty much in my own backyard 🙂

I am now sitting on my porch relaxing while enjoying what’s around me.

Since I worked a really long, full day, it’s nice to be able to take a break.

My gramma is actually visiting this weekend.



I love when she comes up.  Since I did live with her for a bit, whenever she comes, it feels like she brings a little bit of home.

I also took a picture with my dad.


I had to, we have the same shirt 🙂

We’re doing something with these shirts tomorrow for my sister.  I plan on posting it when we do.

Oh, my gramma didn’t just bring herself to our house.

She brought pie as well.


That slogan is so true 🙂

This is definitely her favorite pie place, and if any of you guys ever get the chance to check it out I highly HIGHLY recommend you do.  She got the mixed berry pie this time, and it seriously is the best berry pie I’ve ever had.

I’m off to go finish some blogging posts for you guys and then get ready for tomorrow.  I have a really early day, so I have a lot to get done.  I’d like to get a walk in before I go to bed though since it is so nice out.

I have that caramel frappuccino recipe for you guys if you saw the picture on instagram.  I hope to get it on by tonight, but it may have to wait until tomorrow.  It is coming though, I promise!


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