Daily Blog- Day 55: Colleges in Florida! :)

Today has been a really fun day.

It all started out lounging around with this girl.


It’s definitely one of the best ways to get away from the world for a bit… spending time with a pet.

I swear they have the best lives.  All they do is sleep… and eat.  Their biggest dilemma of the day is which comfy chair they’re going to shed all over.

Tough decision there haha.

Unfortunately, my gramma and cousin had to go home today.  I loved having them here.  We all get along really well and we never fail to live it up family style.  Whether that be simply going to a movie or eating dessert like champs :).

Once they left, it was time for me to step into gear to get ready for tomorrow.

In case you guys don’t know, I am going to Florida for a few days to visit colleges.  I am sooooo so so so so so so SO beyond excited.  It’s honestly been all I’ve thought of for the past few months.  A lot of decisions and projects are going to be made and started up when I get back.  I’ve been holding off everything for after this trip.  Many things are going to change.

(If any of you go to school or know anyone that goes to school in Florida, I would LOVE to know what it’s like 🙂 ).

Before any of this happens though I have one problem… I need to finish getting ready for my trip.

If you read my last post, you know I’ve been a procrastinator today.

I am happy to let you know though, I am packed as much as I can be.

Besides all this, I got to spend a lot of time with my mom today, which was exactly what I needed.  I firmly believe you never ever get too old to have a good mother daughter day.  My mom grandma and aunt actually still go on a girls weekend every single year.  If this doesn’t confirm my point, I don’t know what does :).

We went to a few flower stores.  I definitely fell in love with these


I also stocked up on grape preserves and apple butter.

If you have never had REAL grape preserves, honestly, you haven’t lived.

Go get them now if you hadn’t.

Seriously, now.


(I’ll check in with you guys tomorrow when I’m in Florida! :D)

and P.S. I tried this new flavor of Kevita.  If you read my post about this, you’ll know I hated the flavor I got before.


This flavor is definitely better, but still not the best flavor I’ve had before.  I plan on trying the black tea pomegranate next.


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