Your City Survey Response: Emily Wax (

Emily is representing the same city as me :).  She is also part of the healthy living community, so if you want to check her out, her blog is Eating Chalk.  I definitely recommend checking out the recipes she posts.

If you want to be featured as well, email me at or comment on this post with your answers to the survey 🙂

1. What city are you representing?  Buffalo, NY
2. What is most famous street off the top of your head?  Elmwood Ave (where I lived!)
3. Sports team?  Buffalo Bills
4. Tourist site?  Niagara Falls
5. What can you get here that no one else can get?  The best Buffalo chicken pizza – from Zetti’s
6. Which of these is your personal favorite?  Zetti’s; I’m obsessed 
7. Most popular place to eat?  Blue Monk, a Belgian beer bar with some of the best food in town
8. Most popular bar/ place to go out?  Blue Monk again
9. What’s one thing everyone that lives here hates?  All of the traffic circles, they are everywhere!
10. What’s one thing everyone that lives here loves?  Buffalo sauce and blue cheese
11. Any colleges?  If so have you attended any?  Many colleges; I attended Buffalo State (for a degree in Dietetics and Nutrition) and my husband went to medical school at University at Buffalo
12. What is this place known for?  Our weather, but honestly it’s not really that bad
13. Most popular building?  Larkin Square
14. Summer festivals/ event?  Wing Fest, Beer Fest, Taste of Buffalo, and about a million others
15. Winter festivals/ event?  We’re too busy keeping warm!
16. Favorite festival/ event?  Elmwood Arts Festival
17. One place only people who live in this place know about?  (If you can’t think of anything, what’s your favorite place to go to?)  My favorite place to eat is Thai Orchid, it is a hidden gem
18. Nicknames or slogans?  B-lo
19. Most unique place to eat?  We have a lot, but I like Sun Restaurant – a Thai and Burmese place
20. Best bakery or cafe?  The Spot


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