4th of July Discounts!

With Fourth of July weekend coming up, I figured I’d share some exclusive coupons with you guys 🙂

One of my favorite magazines is Taste of Home.  I recently found out that they actually have an online store.  They have everything from cookbooks to ebooks to really cool kitchen supplies.  You can save over 90% with their current clearance sale.  Also, you can get free shipping.  The link for this is on the side bar right under the “follow” button.  (Starts with warehouse clearance sale)

Here are some of my favorite products they have

A food steamer (makes it easier to cook vegetables in a healthy way)

You have no idea how much this cookie press comes in handy during the holidays… or any holiday for that matter

And finally, I’m thinking of getting myself one of these

I know a lot of healthy donut recipes, I just never got the chance to actually try them.  Let me know if you’d like to see those in the future 🙂


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