Daily Blog- Day 65: Fourth of July Recap and Bootcamp Update

There are two things I really want to talk about today.  One is to recap my Fourth of July yesterday and two is to talk about the army.

First here’s the pictures I got from the parade and the fireworks.  The parade was pretty uneventful.  It seems every year it gets worse and worse unfortunately.  Hence the lack of pictures.



As for the fireworks, well I love fireworks.  They were beautiful 🙂


Okay so now today I had the chance to see Jessie at bootcamp.  Through pictures.  I am amazed at how different she looks.  She looks really strong though and even though she always had a super serious face, I don’t know something about her just seemed happy.  She wrote to my mom today, and like us, she can’t believe it’s already been seven weeks.  It won’t be long before she graduates.

I am so happy though that they post pictures.  Since we have no way to contact her, it’s nice to be able to see her in someway and know she is okay.  It’s times like these where I am actually thankful for Facebook and other social media.  Even though people always talk about how unproductive they make people, if utilized in the right way, they can really be an important tool.

That is it for my ramble today.  I have tested and perfected a bunch of recipes for you guys.  I will be posting them throughout the week.  Today I posted a healthy chocolate peanut butter cannoli recipe if you guys wanted to check that out.  It’s really really good :).


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