Daily Blog- Day 66: Time For A Change

I feel like I need to start being more open with you guys.

I have been thinking a lot about the healthy living blog community a lot lately, and I feel like there is one serious flaw to it.

Everyone seems to live perfect lives!

I can’t express enough how many times I’ve ran into blogs where it literally feels like they never ever make mistakes or struggle.

The thing about blogging is you can so easily pick and choose what you say.  If you had a really really bad day, you can cover it up by making a whole post about one funny thing that happened during the day.  No one would suspect anything.

I use blogging as a vice.  It’s something that I can look forward to doing everyday.  I will admit though I do censor a lot.  I have been going through some pretty difficult things, and I’m not one to really want to constantly bring those things up.

So why am I writing about all this now?

I am because I strongly believe that the healthiest life needs to include struggles.  How else would we grow?  What if there was a blog where you can relate to what the blogger is talking about?  What if there was a blog where the blogger doesn’t seem to live the perfect life?  What if this was my blog?

Even though there is a line between what I will and won’t share, I am going to start sharing more. I have learned a lot from the decisions I have made this past year, and a lot of it I think other people struggle with as well.

I love hearing stories and giving advice, so if you ever relate to anything I talk about, you are more than welcome to message me about it.

We’re all in this game of life, so why not conquer it together? 🙂


2 thoughts on “Daily Blog- Day 66: Time For A Change

  1. Love your decision to share more with us, so we can learn from your experiences in life.
    Sunny greetings from Belgium.

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