Kombucha Brewing: Day 36- The End.

What a sad sad day for my kombucha.

After over a month of waiting and waiting.  Nothing.  No kombucha.  Just an oddly smelling jar…

I think I should’ve waited longer before I transferred the mixture in the larger jar.  That way, the scoby could have actually grown to be larger.

Here are the remains


One sad scoby


and a lot of liquid down the sink.

I will be trying this again, don’t worry :).


4 thoughts on “Kombucha Brewing: Day 36- The End.

  1. I tried growing a scoby from the exact same company and it didn’t work. I got a scoby from someone of the classifieds for $5 or $10 and it worked perfectly. It only took a week to brew and every two batches I have a baby scoby off it. Take a look at your classified ads. Someone might have one for a reasonable price.

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