Daily Blog- Day 69: Candy Crush and Cupcakes

Today has been super super busy so far…. and it hasn’t even really started yet for me!

For starters, I have been sleeping sooo much better the past few days.  Rather than waking up at 330 feeling restless yet unable to fall back asleep, I have been waking up at 7 feeling rejuvenated… exactly how it should be :).

Once I got up today, I got ready and immediately headed out to run some errands.  I first went to buy some black pants.  I am currently looking for a second job, so I needed new nice pants.  I recently just got rid of the only pair of black pants I had,.. figures right?

Then, I went to the Cupcake Orchard.


I ordered a custom order for something.  I can’t say what it is right now just in case the person they’re for reads this :).

This is the first time I’ve ever ordered anything custom from a bakery though, so I’m excited.

Finally, I went tanning and picked up some kombucha.  Mine is still brewing, so I’m still stuck buying it.  I’m planning on using this jar to hold my kombucha once it’s done though.

Once I got home, I had plans to blog before I had to go out again.  Instead, I discovered the game Candy Crush.


I’m not one to lose track of time easily, but while playing I completely forgot what time it was.  Luckily, I checked just when I was planning on getting ready anyways.

That game is addicting though!  It amazes me how games so simple can be so addicting.  I think they get you with the cool colors and the cool sounds that it makes when you do something right.

Okay I’m off to finish blogging and then work.  I close tonight, so I’ve got a full day ahead of me… even though it’s already almost 4 haha.

Do any of you guys play Candy Crush?


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