Daily Blog- Day 70: What I’m Loving



Seriously… they don’t cooperate

I can explain how I feel today in one word: tired.  I came home really wound up yesterday, and because of that I was pretty much halfway awake halfway asleep all last night.  So much for sleeping better right?  Even though I felt tired, I still was able to have a really productive day.  I got home around 3ish, which is the perfect time for me to get all this stuff situated and spend some time with my family.

I am going to be walking with my mom in a little bit to pick up a rotisserie chicken or pasta or something for dinner, so before that I wanted to get this post up.

We have been experimenting with Orchard Fresh‘s prepared meals more lately, and I have been absolutely loving them.  This inspired me to dedicate a post to what I’ve been loving, especially because I’ve been loving a lot of new things.

1. Reeses Puffs Cereal


Now I don’t love these for breakfast, but I love them for dessert… I can’t be the only one that gets cereal for dessert… 🙂

2. Strawberry Mini Wheats


When I was a kid, my mom used to always have mini wheats.  I thought that they were one of those things that only adults could have, and having them meant you were a grown up.  Now I just think they’re really good… especially the strawberry version.

3. Almond Coconut Milk


This is by FAR my favorite milk-like drink to date.  I hate regular cows milk, so this is the perfect alternative for me.

4. Homeland


If you have never watched this series before, go watch it.  I have never watched a show as addicting as this one before.  It is super suspenseful.

5. Zumba


If you read any of my posts, you know my obsession with this 🙂

6. Candy Crusher


You would also know of my obsession with this

7. Quest Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups


These as almost identical to regular reeses cups.  Not exactly the same, but definitely close enough.

8. The Healthy Helper Blog

Gotta support fellow buffalonians :).  I’ve been reading her posts every time she puts them up.  Definitely go check her out!

9. Strawberry Sundae Crunch Bars


I used to get these every day at lunch when I was in middle school.  I think that’s why I love them so much now.

10. Mounds Ice Cream Bars


Coconut + dark chocolate + ice cream = you can NOT get any better.


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