Daily Blog- Day 72: New Beginnings!

I got another job!!!!!! :DD Along with my current job at Panera, I am officially a server at Olive Garden :).


Honestly, working at Panera is really what opened my eyes to the idea of being a server.  I never realized just how much I love talking with people and helping people out.  I mean, I’ve always known I was a people person, but working there has definitely opened my eyes.

I always love learning new things.  I can’t wait to be able to learn the new procedures and techniques at Olive Garden.  Every experience we take ahold of will open more doors.

Recently, I read something that I found really interesting.  If you sleep 8 hours every night for 60 years, then you’ve slept about 20 years of your life.  Isn’t that crazy???? I’m not saying you shouldn’t sleep, but it’s amazing how much it adds up.

Okay that’s it for now.  I’m going to rest for a bit then probably have dinner and watch a movie or something with my parents.


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