Daily Blog- Day 75: Canisius and a Shift of Focus

A healthy snack is a happy snack 🙂



Look for this recipe tomorrow!

Okay, so since I had today off, I decided to be productive.

My grandparents left this morning, so after moving back into my room, I got ready and headed out to visit Canisius College.

Of course I documented it :).


Honestly, this is probably number one in my choice for schools at the moment.  I have a few more to visit, but overall, it fit me extremely well.

Okay, and one last thing I want to talk about is my focus for this blog.  For those of you who have read my posts lately, you probably know that I have picked up a second job.  Due to this, I’m going to have a whole lot less time on my hands and a lot less energy to put towards preparing healthy meals every single day.

My solution?

To begin to utilize my freezer.

Frozen meals are such a go to thing for Americans… or really just busy people in general.

Why can’t they be made healthy at your own house?

I’m going to begin to research more what freezes well and how long certain dishes freeze for.

If any of you are interested in this or are in the same situation as me, I’d love to know.  If you are, I’m definitely going to put a lot of work into finding the best ways to go about freezing and on the go meals.

Also, if you have any tips or recipes you’d like me to try out, let me know, and I’ll definitely give it a go.  If I like it, I’ll post it on my About You page featuring you :).

Just a little way to keep you guys involved.

Okay I’m going to start some research and play Candy Crush… maybe mainly play Candy Crush :).


4 thoughts on “Daily Blog- Day 75: Canisius and a Shift of Focus

  1. OMG this makes me so excited!! If you come to Canisius we HAVE to hang out! That would be awesome! And those cookie things look delicious as well! Can’t wait for the recipe.
    I’ve had a lot of success with freezing meals and leftovers! Everything from pasta and soups to enchiladas and burgers!

  2. annies-eats.com is a good source for preparing foods to freeze as well as 100daysofrealfood.com. oh, and unconventionalkitchen.com as well. Good luck!

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