Daily Blog- Day 78: Procrastination and a Special Gift

I have never ever been one to procrastinate things that no one else wanted to do.

For example, if there was a project to be done for a class, I would do it the minute I got home no matter how long.  I have been known to write 10-15 page papers in one sitting.

Lately though, I have been procrastinating a whole lot.  Not on things I don’t want to do though, things I actually enjoy.  Weird right?

It’s pretty much only things on the computer too such as writing up blog posts.  I’ll have it all put together in my head, but once I sit down, all of the sudden checking facebook or youtube becomes a top super important priority.

It has gotten to the point where I have a check list of what I look at before I can actually get to work on something.  Of course on some of those sites (youtube) I’ll start watching oh I don’t know, Ellen clips or other youtubers I like.  Then all of the sudden, two hours has passed, and I still haven’t gotten any work done.

This happened today (obviously 🙂 ).  Through this process though, I decided to write about it and see if anyone else is like that.  I feel like this generation is and I’m not alone… or at least I hope not.

Okay so today is my mom’s birthday!! 😀

I have been working really really hard on the past few days on her birthday present.  I took a few pictures of it for you guys.


Altogether, I made 48 of those pages with pictures on them since she may or may not be 48 years old ;).

She absolutely loved it, and I definitely loved going through to find the perfect pictures.

My dad is making her a special dinner tonight and then we are having cake at home and then going out for ice cream at Abbotts.

All in all, a good day.


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