Kombucha Brewing 2: Day 12


I have officially begun the second batch of kombucha.

Even though I am very happy about this batch, I am going to do a few things different for the next one.

1.  I am going to use more water to start out… along with more sugar to keep ratios equal

2.  I am going to invest in two 2 gallon glass jar with a plastic spigot.  Since my liquid needs to cool down for a day, I am going to pick this up tomorrow.

3.  Since I now have two scobys, I am going to just put the two in the one jar, and then on the next cycle, I’ll separate them.  Anyone else think this is a good idea?  Or should I just start throwing out scobys as they form?

That’s it for changes!  I am going to be flavoring them and bottling the already made kombucha tomorrow to begin the second fermentation process :).  I sanitized a few jars today, but I think I’m going to need to sanitize a few more.

For flavors, I’m definitely going to utilize peaches, blueberries, and cherries.  Not sure what else.  I’ll take any suggestions


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