Daily Blog- Day 82: Being Followed and 30 Random Facts About Me

Today was a really good day for me :).  I’ll admit, I’m a workaholic.  I think it’s just because I’m so driven to accomplish goals that being able to set mini ones everyday and fulfill them really makes me happy.  Weird?  I’m sure there’s other people like that :D.

Once work was done, I headed out with my mom to go for a walk.

At one point, we felt like we were being followed.

Carefully, I turned around only to find out we were right.

By this guy


Since he kept following us, we decided to simply have him follow us to his house so he could be brought inside.

Thank god for tags on collars!

Okay, so I found a survey today on blogilates.

It’s as simple as naming 30 random facts about yourself.

Due to the fact I have the next hour free, I decided to give it a shot.

Here you go!

1. I’m definitely a cat person.  After working at a kennel, I can only tolerate dogs a certain amount.

2. I currently work at Panera Bread and love it 🙂

3. I also just got a job at Olive Garden,  but I don’t start for another week or so

4. I worry.  A lot. Too much. About things I shouldn’t worry about

5. I always need to be doing something

6. When I’m not doing something I think too much 🙂

7. I’m a very random person.  I’ve been known to completely switch topics in the middle of a sentence.

8. I am a huge multi-tasker

9. I’m a bad multi-tasker 🙂

10. I really don’t like sitting down and watching movies in my free time.  Unless it’s with friends or family.

11. I put my heart and soul into my commitments… sometimes too much

12. When I was a kid, I couldn’t sleep without my squeezy baby or my puppy… Until my cat almost took the puppy’s head off.  Now they stay in my special box

13. I can’t STAND scary things.  I once punched a worker in a haunted house because I thought he was going to attack me when he was really just returning a hat to someone

14. I hate loud noises.  Always have and always will

15. I hate cheese with a passion.  Although I can tolerate it on pizza… but only about half the piece.

16. I love chocolate but I hate chocolate ice cream.

17. I love smiling.  Even when I’m not happy, you’ll probably find me smiling

18. If I want to do something, I want to do it now.  I’m not patient

19. I love dancing.  Give me some music and open space, and I’ll be a happy camper 🙂

20. I’m really good at jumping.  I know that sounds weird, but I have definitely been able to do some crazy things with it.

Want proof?  Here you go



21. I have bad depth perception.  I had surgery on my eye when I was 3.  They removed a muscle and did some other stuff, so now chances are if you throw something to me, it’s going to end up on the floor

22. Biggest pet peeve?  People yawning loudly

23. Smarties are the best candy… and reeses

24. When I was in third grade, it was windy so my sister told me to try jumping with an umbrella  to see if I would fly.  Well I did for a few seconds, got scared, let go, fell on the concrete, and hurt my elbow really bad.  My teacher made me explain what happened to my third grade class.  Thanks to her, I received the name “Mary Poppins.”  I still have the scar to this day.

25. I killed a hamster when I was three.  Cause: Hugging it too hard.

26. Obviously I’m a very affectionate person

27. A lot of jokes go over my head.  Either that or I’ll be that person that doesn’t get it until 5 minutes later.

28. I’m very optimistic.  I definitely take pride out of making other people happy.

29. I’m a very energetic person.  I’m pretty much always moving

30. I definitely want to be in business or sales one day.  Maybe even open my own business :).

There you go that’s 30!  It was actually a lot easier to do than I thought it was.  Now I want you guys to either do the same thing or if you don’t feel like doing 30, do 5.


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