Daily Blog- Day 84: Ready and Recipes

I am definitely feeling really good overall these past few days especially.

Since I’m going to be really starting Olive Garden in a few days, I wanted to test myself to see when I felt tired and how tired I felt in general… especially after working long shifts.

I am absolutely thrilled to say that even after working 18 hours in the past two days, I feel like I could’ve done way more.  Even though I would feel kind of tired once I got home, after a few minutes of chilling out, I was completely reenergized and ready to go.

Now I’m ready to start 🙂

It’s just a matter of waiting a few more days unfortunately.

I’ve noticed as well just how tight I am money-wise.  After sitting down and really setting up a budget with my dad, I’m really having to be careful and aware of how much I can and can’t spend.  This is even before I’m budgeting for what I really want… like my own apartment.  Sometimes we really need to just sit down and look at the numbers to see what’s there… even if it IS right in front of us to begin with.

I’m not just taking on this for the money though.  Honestly, I forget that I’m getting paid while working.  I just do it because I love it.  Now, the money is definitely a perk, but really we should be working to gain experience and knowledge.  No matter what job we have, we’re going to experience ups and downs.  That’s what makes us better people.  I’m excited to learn a job I’ve never gotten to really do before.

So jobs aside, I have some recipes in the works for you guys.

I’m going to be testing a bunch of recipes every day and explaining very briefly what they are to you guys on here.

If you want to see the recipe let me know, and I’ll post it.

I have a lot of quinoa to use up for the next few days, so expect a lot of those.

Today’s recipe includes it as well 🙂


This is a very easy and very quick stir-fry.  Since tomorrow is grocery shopping day, I had a lot of “odds and ends” ingredients I needed to use up.

It includes a bunch of sautéed veggies in balsamic vinegar (and a few other secret ingredients) along with black beans and quinoa.  All topped on a bed of kale.

Let me know if you want the full recipe and instructions

I’m off to finish getting ready for tomorrow!


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