Daily Blog- Day 86: Old Fashioned Car Show

What I thought was going to be a pretty bland day actually turned out to be a pretty fun day.

I knew I had to work, but I didn’t think I was going to be doing anything afterwards.

Right after I was done, I realized my car was almost out of gas.  So against my will I went here


Now I can’t be the only one who loves seeing this more than anything.


Getting home was brutal.  There is an old fashioned car show going on in my town, and it is running literally perpendicular to the street I live on.

Even though it made it tough to get home, I was able to make up for it by actually going to look at the cars.

I have gone to the show for the past few years, and my favorite part is to see cars with weird doors like these


and this….


I also like the little displays the people make.



And I always look for a pink car


This is the closest I could find

Plus here’s a few extra favorites





My dad is now going to the barbecue they’re having to pick us up some dinner.  It’s just me and my parents for dinner, so we’re going to watch Homeland at the same time 😀

Like I said, pretty decent day 🙂


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