Daily Blog- Day 87: Bad Coffee Experience

Since it’s a Sunday, I got to sleep in a bit and start work at 6:30 rather than 5:30.  Work went really well, and since it wasn’t really busy, I got to go home a few hours early.

Rather than just sitting around the rest of the day, I decided to be productive.

First, my dad and I went for a walk together.

Orchard Fresh was having a deal where you can get 5 ears of corn for a dollar.  We stocked up on some to have with hot dogs for dinner tonight.  I love grilling season :).

I also decided to get a few protein bars.


I can’t seem to find a recipe that is super easy to make and has the same amount of protein as these do.

20 grams for one bar.  You really can’t beat that!

Maybe one day I’ll find an at home recipe that’s just as good, but for now I’m okay with buying a few of these every few weeks.

I also got this


Just a plain coffee.

The coffee was good, but my experience getting it wasn’t.  Since I work at Panera, I know what it’s like to work at a barista station.  I know that a lot of times you’ll have things to do, but the customer always ALWAYS comes first.  I think the person working needed to get some things done when I purchased my coffee.  She ignored me pretty much as much as she possibly could and even went to text on her phone right in front of me.  I definitely pay attention to workers, and I definitely think they make the experience.  Especially if the product is pretty basic such as coffee.  Keep that in mind for you guys out there who work in customer service or with customers in any way.

Okay I’m off to type up my kombucha post for the day (I bottled one of the flavors!!) and then help my dad make dinner.

I have my first day of training at Olive Garden tomorrow and I am sooooo so so excited :).


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