Daily Blog- Day 90: Dinner and a Movie

Today has been a good day for me.

Since I didn’t have any plans until 9, I was able to sleep in a little later than normal.

I actually thought I was supposed to open at Panera, and I realized pretty much right before I went to be that I didn’t have to so that kid of threw me off haha.

Better that than realizing I had to open right? 🙂

I just find that when everyone else in the world is on summer break, even though I’m still working, I forget what day it is even MORE than usual.

Granted I’m already really bad about remembering, but it does get worse.

To the point where I was sure it was July at the beginning of June.  No lie.

Case and point, I open tomorrow… not today 🙂

Soo anyways, today I had my second day of training at Olive Garden.  I actually got to shadow one of the servers for a little bit, which was pretty darn cool.  Props to them for carrying so much on their shoulders at once.  It still intimidates me, but hey you live and learn right?

Now I’m off to watch Despicable Me with my mom :).

We rented that after we got back from having dinner here


Where I got this.


This is almost my favorite ice cream from Anderson’s.  My number one favorite is the same vanilla custard in a dipped waffle cone… I just like better when it’s dipped in white chocolate instead of the regular.  I feel like not many people agree with me on that haha :).

What’s your favorite thing to get at an ice cream shop?


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