Daily Blog- Day 96: Busy Days

Today has been extremely productive for me.  So much so that this is the first time I’m getting the chance to actually type up a post all day!

I started my day out working on some things for you guys :).  I’m working on making my own greek yogurt, and I just finished making an amazing take on reeses peanut butter cups… except they’re vegan.  Recipe will be up after I test them out.  So look for that tomorrow or the next day.


I also had a productive day in regards to my working life.

It started off meeting some of my work friends at Panera


and having my favorite smoothie in the world there


mango… not strawberry.  Mango 🙂

After we headed over to Olive Garden for our second last day of training.  This was the first day we were able to lead some tables, and I definitely love it a lot.  I love talking to people and being able to be part of other peoples experiences, so it’s all right up my alley :).

We worked the lunch shift, got lunch for ourselves, and then worked the dinner shift as well.

I love how fast paced it all was.  At one point, I thought it was 3:30 when it was actually 5:30.  Best feeling ever :).

Okay, I’m off to get ready for bed now.  I have to open at 5am tomorrow at Panera and then I have my last day of training at Olive Garden.  It’ll be the first day on our own, and I am definitely excited/ nervous for that.  But mainly excited 🙂


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