Daily Blog- Day 105: My Own Revelation

Last night was fantastic!

We went out to dinner at the Colonial, and I had the best fish I have ever had in my entire life.  It was almond crusted haddock, and it was literally to die for.

Oh and I almost tripped on this guy walking into the restaurant.



After eating, my dad, my sister and I all went for a walk.

It was my first time walking the hills at night, and everything was so pretty.


We ended up going for a walk this morning too.  My mom and my cousins dog, Bernie joined.

You know you have a crazy family when they all start doing pushups while walking.




This isn’t the only time it happens.  When my dad and sister can do pushups, they do pushups.  No, I did not participate haha.

I love them anyways 🙂

I more enjoyed getting piggy back rides






and giving them


Oh and I LOVED that there was a mini store selling only homemade maple syrup.


We didn’t get any though, it was too expensive.

Okay, before I go for the day, I just want to touch on one revelation I had today.

Going on this trip has definitely made me realize that I need to find a balance in my life.  Especially this past week, I have just been way overdoing myself.

I have made a big decision.

Rather than pick up a second job, I am going to slowly transition back into school.  I really don’t want to be in the position where I need a bachelors degree to get a job yet I don’t have any credits.  I have applied for two classes to start, and I figure each semester I can add more and more depending on how much I can handle.  this past year I’ve definitely learned it’s better to slowly transition into things rather than just jumping in.  At least for me it is.  Also, it’s okay to admit you were wrong about something.  I’ll admit I was wrong about a second job.  Even though the extra money would be nice, I don’t want to lose myself.

Today’s our last night here, so we might be having a bon fire later.  I am going to miss it a lot, but I’m excited to get everything started up again especially after today.

Off to have dinner!

OH and check out my review on A.J. Jacob’s book!  It’s definitely a book worth checking out if you’re into healthy living.


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