Daily Blog- Day 108: PB Crave Review

The other day, I came to a pretty horrible realization.

All of the nut butters I had on hand were almost empty if not already empty…


which brought me to a pretty awesome realization

I could go buy a new flavor!

Since I have tried so many different brands and flavors before, I decided to try something I’ve never tried before.

I have heard a lot about the company PB Crave, but their nut butters were never stocked in my local grocery store.

They do on the other hand stock them at Orchard Fresh, which recently opened 🙂

I really wanted to try the Cookie Nookie flavor, but settled on the dark chocolate and raspberry flavor.


Today I tried it for the first time, and it is unlike any other nut butter I have had before.

It literally tastes like chocolate covered raspberries with the texture of peanut butter.  I definitely plan on trying the other flavors… once this one’s gone of course 🙂

Not much else has happened today interesting.  I worked an opening shift, worked on some training, and now I’m here.  I’m going to be relaxing for the rest of the day and opening again tomorrow.

Have a great night!


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