Daily Blog- Day 110: Realizations

Today has really been an eye opening one for me.

For those of you who don’t know, today is my birthday.  Now, I’ve only been out of school for a few years, so it’s safe to say I’m still accustomed to traditional birthdays.  You know, the ones where you throw a huge themed birthday party with all your friends.

When I left high school, I definitely lost touch with about 99%… okay maybe even more than that… of people that I used to talk to.  A lot of things had happened, and I guess you could say I just grew apart from everyone.  Granted, I feel like everyones almost forced to be together when in grade school.

Do I regret this separation?  No I don’t, but it has been a big transition for me.  One that I still haven’t quite recovered from yet.

There’s been a lot of times where I just have felt plain alone, and honestly, it can be scary

Through this though, I have definitely found out who’s really important to me.  I’ve found who actually wants to be in my life.

I think the problem with today’s society is everyone wants to be that person in the middle of a huge group of people.  They want to be who everyone else wants to be friends with.  They want to be the one who gets 100 likes on every status on Facebook or trends on twitter.  At the end of the day though, it’s not the number that matters.  It matters who will stand by your side even when you are at your absolute worst.  Whether that’s one person or one hundred, those are the people that will get us through the tough times.

It’s realizations like this that bring me back to the single rule I have in my life.  To always remember my strength is in my family.

I’m sure I’m not the only one that’s been through a transition like this before, and if anyone else has, I know it can be tough.  I wish I could say it’s easy and I’m fine every single day, but that would be a lie.  That’s life though!  We can all get through it together :).

Okay to leave you on a happier note, here’s my idiot cat


attacking plastic…

IMG_4514 IMG_4513 IMG_4509 IMG_4508 IMG_4499 IMG_4498


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