Daily Blog- Day 111: Birthday Recap

Even though my birthday was yesterday, nothing really happened until AFTER I had already blogged for the day.  Therefore, I’m going to share the events with you guys now.

Oh and quickly, check out the recipe I just posted for almond joy cups.  They are healthy and even better than traditional almond joys.


Okay, so after I got home from work, I changed, and then I went on a walk with my mom.

We went on a really long walk together going all the way to the country club to pick up my dad’s glasses and then to Orchard Fresh to get a few groceries and things for dinner.


Once we got home, it was time for dinner.

My dad made salmon, which was amazing.  It’s not often we get to have salmon, so when we do, it’s always a treat.

And then it was time for birthday ice cream cake!

and presents 🙂


My parents surprised me with this game.


I am in love with any games that involve disney characters, and I’ll admit, I used to play video games as much if not more than my brother.  So this pretty much made my day 🙂

That’s it for my birthday!  I had a pretty normal day today, so not much to report on.  Just enjoying the weather and relaxing.


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