Daily Blog: Day 112- Nostalgic Meals

Nothings better than hot tomato soup and a grilled sandwich.


Grilled ham for me :).  This really brings me back to my childhood.  My mom used to make grilled ham and cheese for everyone minus the cheese for me.  Since my dad had to get surgery, it was cool to bring back such a nostalgic meal.

So today has been filled with a lot of running around.  Along with going to JC Penny’s, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Wegmans, my mom and I stopped at Best Buy to get this.


For my new game :).  I can’t wait to really read through this and learn all the how to’s in the game.  Not to sound like a nerd, but I’ll probably read it on my break tomorrow 😀

Okay, so today has been the first day that I feel 150% positive I’ve made the right decision in regards to picking up a second job.  For the first time in a long time, I’m actually looking forward to having a day off.  I can’t fathom the idea of having to go to work for a whole second shift right now.  I feel like I’m already going to be tired tomorrow as it is, and that’s before working another job.  I really think it’s all about finding a balance.  We’re not superheroes.  There is only so much we can do.  Even though I get really amped up while I’m at work, I forget that all that work does wear you out eventually.  We can’t do it all, and I do need to learn to be okay with that… hey we all have something to work on right?

Oh and I need silicone muffin molds, but I can’t find them anywhere!  I went to Bed Bath and Beyond today, and they didn’t have any.  Anyone know where I can get them?


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