Daily Blog- Day 114: What’s Beyond Us

Today was actually a day off for me.  Normally I hate days off, but this one was actually really relaxing and actually fun.  Since it is the weekend rather a weekday, my parents were able to spend time with me during the day.

We actually started off our day around 10.  I played some video games and then went with my parents to Chestnut Ridge.  We went for a nice long walk through the park, and it was absolutely beautiful.  I always forget just how big Chestnut Ridge is.  It was a lot of fun though.




After I did some reading.  While I was reading my cat jumped on my lap and sat with me :).  She’s been very weird lately.  She’ll randomly be in the weirdest places.  For example…


I don’t always understand her haha.

Now I’m waiting for dinner to be ready, and there is one thing I want to talk about before I go.  It’s actually a topic I don’t think I’ve talked about before.

It’s about what we can’t see.  Such as spirits and ghosts.  My aunt recently talked to a psychic, and she stopped over today to talk to us about the experience.  My aunt is my dad’s sister, and their mother died when they were kids.  She is actually the person who the psychic said was communicating with my aunt.  I’ve never actually met my dad’s mom before, but the psychic said something to my aunt about her that really moved me.  My dad’s mother said “Now, I’d love to help you out right now, but I’m busy helping another female who needs my help more right now.”  I have been struggling a lot in my own life, and I’ve been really working to find a balance and true happiness again.  Even though the psychic never specified who she said she was watching over, the thought it could potentially be me was actually extremely helpful.  It made me realize just how much it can help knowing someone beyond you could be there to help you.  If you are completely alone, maybe you’re not so alone after all.  It makes sense to why it helps believing in something bigger than we are.  To quote a christmas movie “Seeing isn’t believing, believing is seeing.” 😀 (anyone know where that’s from)


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