Poll: Dessert Section?

Okay, so I have an idea for this blog.

What if I posted some of my favorite dessert recipes?

Now, I know the majority of you probably read that and think well okay, then do it!  My favorite dessert recipes are just that though… normal dessert recipes.  No substitutions just delicious.

All my life, I’ve been an avid baker… and a very good one at that.  I can make cupcakes better than you’ve ever had before, and my pumpkin bagels are to die for.  These are recipes I’ve tested time and time again and placed into my book.

My book of my recipes.


(Here are a few of the recipes I’ve made)

IMG_4695 IMG_4696 IMG_4697 IMG_4698 IMG_4699

Even though this is a healthy living blog, I don’t think recipes like these should be excluded.  After all, everything should be in moderation.  These sort of things just get a bad rep because it’s a lot easier to eat three pieces of cake rather than 3 bags of broccoli.  Make sense?

I would love to make a section where I can share my decorating, dessert, and yeast based baking with you guys.  I have a poll right underneath here.  If enough of you say yes, I’ll begin this section.  I have literally dozens of recipes I’ve perfected, and with the fall season coming up, I plan to perfect lots more 🙂


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