Daily Blog- Day 124: Meal Prep and Netflix

Today has been a very lazy, productive day (oxymoron).  Even though it’s everyone’s Tuesday, today is my Sunday.  Therefore, I devoted today to a lot of prep for the week ahead.

Since I literally realized today that I start school tomorrow (I was sure I started the 9th…) I more than ever am going to need quick meals already prepped for before my night classes.

Altogether I made two meals.


First a pumpkin black bean soup


Which is SOOOO fantastic.  I am definitely going to be sharing the recipe soon.

Then some quinoa burgers.  These are perfect to either throw on top of a salad or have in the most obvious way… as a normal burger.  Look for that recipe soon as well.


Along with this pre-week prep, I caught up on some movies.


Let me know if you know which movie this is 🙂

My  mom and I also made a trip to my old high school so she could drop off some things for my brother.  I quite enjoyed looking at the old class photos from the eighties.  I especially liked this one due to the fact it was taken the year I was born.  It’s amazing how much style changes in a few decades.  Imagine what we’ll all be wearing in another 20 years!


Oh and look what happened to my flavored kombucha!!


I left the scoby in there for too long apparently.  There was literally no liquid left.  Those are blueberries and strawberries!

I’m going to have to re-brew more very soon so the same doesn’t happen to my main supply.

I am now watching White Chicks enjoying these


I found them at Target with my mom, and they are seriously addicting.  They have a great fall-like after taste.  I love that they’re larger than normal sized mnms too 🙂

Now I need them to come out with the candy corn flavored ones again.

Have any of you ever tried either flavor?  If not, what’s your favorite flavor mnm?


4 thoughts on “Daily Blog- Day 124: Meal Prep and Netflix

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