Daily Blog- Day 126: Warm Cookies and Apple Cinnamon Tea

Today has been a really fun day so far.  It was just one of those work days that was pretty stress free and everything ran smoothly.  Gotta love days like that :).

Of course it also helps that I was able to use my free birthday pastry :D.  Yes, even though I work there, I still use my panera rewards.  But really, who doesn’t love free stuff?


I also got this again today


Apple cinnamon tea!!!! Now, normally I do not like Tim Hortons.  I’ll drink their coffee if that’s all that’s available, but besides that I’m not a huge fan of what they offer… except for the apple cinnamon tea.  It reminds me so much of fall yet it’s offered year round.  No complaints 🙂

Speaking of fall, I’m really enjoying these cool mornings we’ve been having.


Being able to sit by the fire and read fall themed magazines is FINALLY acceptable again… not that I ever stopped.  But seriously, I think I sat by the fire every single day even when it was 90+ in the morning.

Okay I’m off to finish my tea and play Candy Crush.  I finally broke level 100, therefore a whole new level of addiction has come about.


One thought on “Daily Blog- Day 126: Warm Cookies and Apple Cinnamon Tea

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