Daily Blog- Day 128: Giving Away Scobys

Today has been one of those days where I’m extremely productive at being unproductive.  I went to sleep last night with the intentions to devoting all of today to cleaning out my room.  I had envisioned seeing garbage bags filled with all the stuff I kept due to me being a pack rat.

Instead, my day is starting to come to a close, and I am left with this


and these


and of course these



I did manage to throw out what was in my trash can though… that counts for something right? 🙂

I have off tuesday and wednesday too… I will do it then… maybe…

Besides a huge cooking-a-thon, I went grocery shopping with my parents.

We stopped at Tim Hortons to get some drinks, and I saw these.


They’re for the football season.  Tomorrow is the first big home game for the Buffalo Bills.  For those of you who know anything about Buffalo sports, you’ll know we are some of the most die hard fans around.  I live right down the street from the stadium and this morning there were already hundreds of RV’s lined up for the game that doesn’t even start until tomorrow… Imagine how bad it’ll be then.  Yeah, pretty bad.  I always find it fun to watch though.  It’s amazing how a team that’s so bad can have the best fans.  Buffalove ❤

After getting coffee, my dad and I went for a quick bike ride together.  It was my first time riding my bike in awhile.  It felt good to get out and ride one last time before fall.


Oh and one last thing, remember that scoby I showed you guys in one of my last posts?

Well, I decided to take out the scoby in my main kombucha container.

Look at how insane this is.

IMG_4895 IMG_4896

It feels as weird as it looks haha.

If anyone needs a scoby to start a batch of kombucha, I’ve got plenty to give away!


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