Daily Blog- Day 129: Broken Vitamix :(

One of the best feelings in the world is when I’m sitting on the couch and my cat literally jumps on my lap.


The only bad part is when you want to get up but feel bad.  I’m sure any pet owner can relate

So today’s my last fairly boring day before tomorrow.  

Tomorrow I have my first Human Interaction class, work, and Bread Bash!  It’s where Panera employees get to try the new products.  I always look forward to them :).  Especially this one because we’re coming out with pumpkin stuff.  

Today I just had work.  Once I got out, my dad and I went to the UPS store.  My vitamix hasn’t been working right, so I’m sending it to the repair shop.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t open since it’s Sunday, so we’re going to have to wait to go tomorrow.  

My dad also found these.


They’re walnuts!  We have hundreds in our backyard, so my dad are going to start working on drying them out and saving them.  It’ll be a fun project :).

Oh and remember those quinoa cakes I made? 

They were the highlight of my dinner last night  



On top of a fried egg and a salad.  

Recipe will be up soon!



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