Daily Blog- Day 131: Bringing Back Dance

Today is my recovery day from yesterday.  After a really bad morning and really good ending, I went to sleep exhausted.

I woke up today feeling really out of it and in need of caffeine.

I had leftover eggnog flavored coffee, which I thoroughly enjoyed 🙂


So let’s backtrack to yesterday.

It was my first day of Human Interaction.  It was a pretty interesting class, and even though we didn’t do all that much, I can tell I’m going to like the class overall.  The teacher was very laid back and definitely made the class feel welcoming and open.

After, I went to Bread Bash to try out the new products coming out in a few days at Panera.  Fall is my favorite time of year flavor wise, so the new Autumn Squash soup and returning pumpkin bagel were definitely highlights for me.

I also LOVED the new cupcakes they’re getting.  I was skeptical to whether or not I’d like them since I’m very particular on  cupcakes.


These completely exceeded my expectations.  If you go to Panera in the near future definitely try them out.

I didn’t get home until after 10, which is extremely late for me.  I was pretty much on a sugar high so I didn’t actually fall asleep until after 11… hence my need for coffee this morning when I rolled out of bed at 6:30… one of the downfalls to being used to waking up super early.

I was able to bring my energy up by bringing back some of my old dancing.


I can’t express enough how amazing it felt to be able to wear ballet shoes again.

Funny story though, I actually wasn’t even wearing them at first, but after I cut my toe really really bad, I had no choice but to put on shoes.


I then begun my two day clean up of my room.  I only got about halfway done, but this was what I was left with


Add one more garbage bag to that and that’s all I threw away.   I really needed to throw out some old memories.  It felt great to finally get those out of my way.

I still have so much more to do and my room doesn’t even look like it’s been cleaned a bit :/  Definitely frustrating after a long day of cleaning.

I’m planning on finishing up and running some errands tomorrow.  Hopefully the weather will cool down by then!!  It’s seriously like 90 here.


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