Daily Blog- Day 132: Getting Things Done!

Today has been hot hot HOT!


I’m sick of it and ready for fall 😦

That aside, I managed to get done today what I needed to… well at least I have so far… I still have homework I have to do for tonight.

Anyways, I’m going to start by saying I finally got around to starting to post some of my more dessert-y recipes.

I started with my homemade pumpkin bread.  I needed some way to get into the fall spirit.


I also finally finished cleaning my room


One thing I love about cleaning is being able to find random things.

Or a lot of certain things


Take each of these items and multiply the amount of them by 20.  That’s about how much of each I found.

I did end up taking those coins to coin start and I managed to get $9.50!

I have to say though, two items really stood out to me.


I got this back when I was a Counselor in Training for a gymnastics camp.  They surprised me with the card, and it still makes me smile to this day.


and this is a gift I received when I was baptized from my great grandma.  Definitely a really important find for me.

I tried to go for a walk today to, which turned out to be a horrible idea.  It’s just so hot and muggy that I pretty much died while walking.

One thing I did notice though is when I walk, I almost always make sure to walk on the cracks in the street.  I have no idea why it’s just one of those stupid little things I’ve always done to pass the time.  Kind of like how when I was a kid, my brother sister and I used to look for certain letters or numbers on license plates while driving long distances.


Anyone else do weird things like this?

Oh and before I leave here is one of my biggest peeves

When people send me mail and spell my name wrong.  For some reason, they always change the “d” to an “a”  My last name has definitely provided quite difficult for people to get over my lifetime.


Anyone else have this problem?

Okay, I’m off to have dinner and then go to class.  Back to work tomorrow!



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