Daily Blog- Day 133: Meals That Bring You Back

Today has been a pretty fun day.  I didn’t have to start work until 7, so I got to sleep in a bit.

Since it’s the first day with all of the new fall products at Panera, there was a lot of new for us employees.  It’s always fun being able to change things up a bit though.  I definitely like how the atmosphere now feels a lot more fall-like.  🙂

It’s finally not as unbearably hot, so look for more fall recipes to come as my spirits rise!!

I’m going to be testing out a quinoa stuffed pepper recipe soon.  It can be frozen and heated, so once I’m out of my other freezer meals, I will be posting that recipe.

Make sure to follow to be notified 🙂

Okay, so one thing I want to touch on before I leave is things that bring you back to your past.

When I was in elementary school, I remember that pretty much every single day I used to buy lunch.  The way it worked at my school was every morning, our teacher would have the students buying lunch stand up and she’d ask who wanted which entree.

The main entree changed up everyday, but everything else stayed the same.  I remember ALWAYS being the only kid to get peanut butter and jelly everyday.  It was definitely by far my favorite sandwich.

As I grew up though, I made it less and less.  At some point it stopped being my go to meal.  Until today!  For some reason, I just really missed the combination, so this ensued


Pretty much the highlight of my day 🙂

Now I have a question for you guys, what meal represents your childhood or brings you back to your childhood?

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