Daily Blog- Day 135: Confessions

I am so loving this celebration for Panera.


Pumpkin bagel!!! 🙂  Paired with my homemade pumpkin soup haha.   I’m definitely going to be taking advantage of this bagel this year.  I remember last year I kept saying “I’ll get it next time.”  Then before I knew it, it was gone.  Time flies that’s for sure.

Today was a super busy day at work.  Like super super busy.  We were definitely prepared for it though and we had a good team to keep things running smoothly.  I love days like that.  Especially when it easily could be a huge disaster.

After work, I went for a walk.  I had a bunch of magazines I needed to return to the library since they were due today.  Honestly, the only reason I’ll bend over backwards to get books returned on time is because I don’t want to have to pay library fees.  Right now, I have about 9 dollars in fees, but you don’t have to pay them until you have over 10…

I know that’s bad, but it’s the truth.

That’s my confession for the day!

Anyone else do the same?

Or how about this, what’s one confession you have?  Nothing big just something small you do that you know you shouldn’t.

Oh here’s another one:  Back when I was a dancer, we had a candy machine at our studio.  We figured out the top could be taken off, so we’d raid it whenever it was full haha.

Oh and I eat raw cookie dough

Rebel I know 🙂

And finally I’ll leave you with this


Just some food for thought… it is true though


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