Fall Blogging Challenge!!!!

Fall Blogging Challenge!!!!


This is something I’m creating to bring a little bit of spirit among the blogging community.

This is open to anyone and everyone out there… even if you’re not a blogger.  Take it as your own challenge for the fall season.

So what exactly is this challenge?

Well, as you may already know, the fall season brings tons of amazing fresh produce.  Since everyone’s always talking about how it’s smart to “eat seasonally,” why not put that theory into action?

Here I’ve put together a list of a few popular choices for seasonal fall items.  You can either stick to this list or branch off onto a list of your own.

I’m going to be featuring one of these items each week (starting today… follow blog to find out later which one I chose 🙂 ).

With that item, make as many or as few recipes as you’d like.  Points if they’re easily frozen or can be made for one :).

Extra points if they’re to die for!

If you are a blogger, whenever you post a recipe, use the hashtag #FallBlogChallenge to tweet about it (my twitter is @kzdrowak).  Or simply link back to this post and I’ll put all the recipes together into one big recipe list.

At the end of the month of october, we’ll have a plethora of amazing homemade fall inspired dishes among the blogging community.

Here’s a list of some items to get you started

1. Apples

2. Pumpkin

3. Squash

4. Cranberries

5. Figs

6. Grapes

7. Pears

8. Pomegranates

9. Sweet Potatoes

10. Quince

11. Cauliflower

Also, here are some bloggers I’m tagging as a start.  Like I said though, this is open to everyone

1. The Healthy Helper

2. Blogilates

3. Peanut Butter Fingers

4. The Little Kitchen

5. Katie’s Cucina

6. Fit2Flex

7. Snack Therapy

8. Clean Eating Chelsy

9. Adriana Best Recipes

10. Healthy Tipping Point

11. Chocolate Covered Race Medals

Happy Fall!!

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