Daily Blog- Day 138: Under the Weather

I’m definitely feeling under the weather today.  I don’t know if it’s because it’s been getting colder lately or what, but I’m just about ready to crawl into bed… after dinner of course 🙂

Today’s been a pretty normal day for me.  I wasn’t scheduled to work until 9, but I was still up at 530.  Hence how I was able to test this recipe out.


I’m not going to give too many details, but I will say it has sweet potatoes in it and those might be important for next week 🙂

Speaking of recipes though, check out the apple pie muffins recipe I posted today.  It is as good as it sounds…. actually it’s better 🙂


Since not too much has happened today, I’m going to backtrack to yesterday.

I went to Chipotle with my mom and brother and nearly missed class because of it.


It was so worth it though 🙂

Class was actually really interesting.  It was Human Interaction, and I love how open my class is with one another.  It amazes me the stories and different backgrounds everyone brings to the class.  You really don’t know a person until you hear their story that’s for sure.  At the same time, you only know what people tell you.  There’s always something unsaid.

Take blogging for example.  Honestly, blogging can be tough sometimes.  You don’t always know how much to say and how much NOT to say.  It’s not as easy to not write about what you don’t want to say as you would think.  If that makes any sense haha.  I want to be completely open with you guys, but there are lines… especially on the internet.  It’s a constant learning experience.  If any of you are bloggers let me know if you experience the same thing.

Oh before I leave, one thing I do want to say is I love leaving school at night.


I get to watch the sunrise everyday at work and the sunset at school.

Sounds like a winning situation to me 🙂

Okay, I’m going to lie down, I have a really busy day tomorrow!


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