Daily Blog- Day 139: Busy Day!

Today has been super super busy… as I predicted in my last post.

It started off bright an early at Panera.  After working my shift, I literally went straight to my doctors office where I ended up staying for a solid hour.  Unfortunately, that hour ran right up until right before I was supposed to leave for school.

I rushed home, changed and rushed to class… barely making it on time.

I did make it though, and after a 2 1/2 hour class, I am officially exhausted.  I have to open tomorrow, so once I post this, I’m going to get ready for bed and go straight to sleep so hearing my alarm at 3:30 may not be so bad :).

I do want to cover a few things with you guys before I go though.

Since I didn’t have time to make any apple recipes today for the Fall Blogging Challenge, I decided to recycle one of my old favorites

My healthy caramel apple ice cream recipe


I forgot how much I love this recipe!  Honestly it would make my life to have a bowl of this right now… actually any ice cream would do for that matter :).

Also, these came in the mail today!!


My business cards for the Florida Blogging Conference

and my food network magazine!


Successful day.

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