Daily Blog- Day 141: Ready to Fly :)

Today has been all about getting ready so far… kind of.

There may have been a Target run involved at one point :).

I went just for eye liner, but I left with all of this.




Yes that’s candy corn flavored coffee


and yes those are dessert truffles.

I actually just read about those in a food network magazine.  Normally I don’t get swayed by ads easily, but after reading about these, I needed to try them.  I’m not sure how I feel about the cheesecake ones, but the other two sound amazing.

I also saw these, which I’m going to be trying when I get back.  My mom and I both are curious what they’re like, so I’m going to wait to test with her :).


Just through this was funny haha.


Okay, I’m off to starbucks with my dad.  I’m going to be trying the pumpkin spice latte where.  As a Panera employee, I feel I need to see what our competition is up against.  I mean I can’t say ours is better without knowing for sure it is right?  🙂

Next time I check in I’ll be on my way to Florida!!!!!!!

Oh I’ll leave you with some Sadie 🙂


Normally I only post pictures of our other cat Sophie, so I decided to show Sadie off a little bit.

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