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Superfood: Golden Berries

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Benefits of Maca Powder

I have been doing a lot of research on superfoods lately (shock right? 🙂 ).

Some of the most beneficial superfoods are actually ones that many of us have never even heard of before.

When it comes to finding superfoods, Nativas Naturals is one of the best online sites you can find them on.

They make sure all of their products are the best quality, and their variety is phenomenal.

Since each product is extremely nutrient dense, you only need a very small amount (sometimes less than a teaspoon) to reap the benefits.  Therefore, they can last for a long time.

Recently, I purchased Maca Powder from them.

Maca powder is most known for its’ energy boosting and stress reducing qualities ( 

Along with this, it can

1. increase fertility

2. help heal wounds

3. improve skin

4. help to increase muscle mass

and of course

5. increase overall health

(benefits and side effects of macs powder)

So pretty much, it’s all the benefits of an energy drink without the negative ingredients

Maca powder can be very easily incorporated into your diet.  You can either buy it in the powder form and mix it into whatever you’d like, or you could even take it in a tablet form.

If you are interested in seeing recipes using this superfood, I would more than happily come up with some!


Mini Challenge

I’m writing this post while sitting on my deck with my gramma and my mom.

It’s one of the first evenings that I hear birds chirping, dogs barking, cars driving, and my dad doing yard work all at once.

These simple sounds are sounds I treasure hearing.

Even though they almost constantly are all around me this time of the year, it’s not often that I actually stop and listen.

Sometimes I wonder why that is… why don’t we stop more often to appreciate the simple things that we know and love?

This takes me to a conversation I was having with my gramma the other day.

We were talking about her retirement and how life is for her nowadays.

Before this conversation, I didn’t understand one thing.  I didn’t understand how people could stay busy after retirement.

Especially because work takes up so much of my life.  I can’t picture a life without it.

I explained this to my gramma, and she gave me one of the most obvious, but most life changing words of advice I may have ever received.

She told me she just does what she loves.

She knits, she bakes, she hangs out with her friends, and she reads (among many other things as well).

She explained to me that she makes sure to do things to make herself happy.  Almost as if she’s spoiling herself everyday.

This really made me stop and think, and now I want you to think about something.

What do you do in your life that you do to make yourself happy?

Don’t count work

Don’t count school

Don’t count any other mandatory or semi-mandatory errands you may have to run.




How many things did you come up with?

I’m going to stop this post here, and leave you with that thought.

Let me know in the comments what you came up with.

If you haven’t come up with anything, then here is my challenge for you.

I want you to come up with THREE things that you can do on a daily basis that make YOU happy.

Leave me your answers in the comments as well.

For me personally, it is going out to coffee with my dad or mom (or both) on Sunday, coming up with new recipes, going for walks, and blogging.  (I came up with 4…. overachieving I know 🙂 )